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What Have You Done For Me Lately (Rural Strong)

Democrats are committed to rural America and to building homegrown prosperity together.  As local folks we have the opportunity to tell the stories and to help make the case by lifting up the Rural Strong campaign.  I appreciate your partnership in this work.  


Rural Strong SWAG is for sale online at the Dems store. Here is a special link



This Saturday - October 1 at 9am PT/10am MT/ 11am CT/ 12pm ET I will be hosting a training on rural organizing with some specific tips on engagement with our neighbors on messaging and GOTV.  Here is the link to sign up.

Saturday October 15 - GOTV and planning for the future


A number of people have asked for resources about all that the Democrats have done for rural people and places. 

Below you will find links to public information about all that this Administration and Democrats in Congress are doing for rural people and places.  

Each of these links also has links to State specific investments. 

American Rescue Plan:

Bi-Partisan Infrastructure:

Inflation Reduction Act:,through%20loan%20modifications%20or%20payments.

Report from Senate Democrats focusing on rural America:

Resources on spending at the state and county level: 

National Association of Counties: this is a link to a resource to look at county specific data

Resources on grants for rural communities: 

Aspen Institute: Thrive Rural Resources and information about grant opportunities.

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