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When President Biden and Vice President Harris took office, our country faced unprecedented crises - a raging pandemic, economic crisis, climate crisis, and racial injustice. The President and Vice President ran for office on the promise to move quickly to tackle these crises head-on and deliver results for working families. That’s what the Biden-Harris Administration has done


  • Lowering Costs of Families’ Everyday Expenses

  • More People Are Working Than At Any Point in American History

  • Making More in America

  • Rescued the Economy and Changed the Course of the Pandemic

  • Rebuilding our Infrastructure

  • Historic Expansion of Benefits and Services for Toxic Exposed Veterans

  • The First Meaningful Gun Violence Reduction Legislation in 30 Years

  • Protected Marriage for LGBTQI+ and Interracial Couples

  • Historic Confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson and Federal Judges of Diverse Backgrounds

  • Rallied the World to Support Ukraine in Response to Putin’s Aggression

  • Strengthened Alliances and Partnerships to Deliver for the American People

  • Successful Counterterrorism Missions Against the Leaders of Al Qaeda and ISIS

  • Executive Orders Protecting Reproductive Rights

  • Historic Student Debt Relief for Middle- and Working-Class Families

  • Ending our Failed Approach to Marijuana

  • Advancing Equity and Racial Justice, Including Historic Criminal Justice Reform

  • Delivering on the Most Aggressive Climate and Environmental Justice Agenda in American History

  • More People with Health Insurance Than Ever Before


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