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Dear Defender of Democracy,


Although Michigan’s incredibly successful 2022 election has already been certified at both the county and state levels, we need your help with one more thing.


The Board of State Canvassers voted today to allow a partial statewide recount of Proposals 2022-2 (Promote the Vote) and 2022-3 (Reproductive Freedom for All) to go forward. Both proposals passed by well over half a million votes, so the recount is a ridiculous waste of time and money that has zero chance of overturning the election results. Even the Republican members of the Board of State Canvassers acknowledged this at their meeting, but Board members did not believe they had the authority to prevent the recount from proceeding.


This is where you come in. It will be important to have credentialed observers, called “challengers,” at the recount to ensure that it is conducted properly and that the extremist groups driving this recount do not create chaos or abuse the process for their own ends. 


Hand recounts of ballots will be conducted in more than 40  counties, most likely starting on December 7 or 8. In some counties ballots from only a handful of precincts will be recounted, while in other counties ballots from many more precincts will be recounted.


Only one challenger from organizations in favor of the proposals is allowed at each precinct being recounted, along with one challenger from organizations opposed to the proposals. Therefore, the MDP will coordinate with our friends at Promote the Vote to credential and assign challengers who are in favor of the proposals.


If you are interested in being a challenger in any of the counties where ballots will be recounted (see list linked above), please sign up with Promote the Vote using this Google Form. Promote the Vote will contact you with further details when they are available.


Thank you for your continued commitment to defending our democracy.


Erica Peresman

MDP Voter Protection Director

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