David Martin


Cheboygan County

Board of Commissioners

District 2

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Like you, I want the best for my family.  We both work hard to provide for our children.  Like you, I know that a community is successful if all families are thriving. We need to address some of the reasons that hold some families back. 


Let’s show our youth the value of education, whether it’s college, trade school, or apprenticeship. We all want to live in an educated community. Let’s maintain the importance of a clean environment. Pristine water, air, woods, and highways, draw visitors, and new residents, to Cheboygan. 


Let’s encourage Volunteerism!  Giving back to help others makes the whole community stronger. Our youth can learn that lesson; and we must lead the way.


I’m the fifth generation of Martins in Cheboygan County. My wife and I have 5 children and 2 grandchildren, all living in Cheboygan.  Professionally, I’m in the service industry, working closely with the working poor population. My volunteer work includes United Way, St. Thomas Food Pantry, Pulling Together, Housing Advocacy, Parks & Recreation, Special Olympics, Chamber of Commerce and Kiwanis.

Vote to support the candidate who represents your ideals. Vote for David Martin, County Commissioner, District 2!

Cheboygan County will thrive with all voices heard. Farmers, business people, tradesmen, entrepreneurs, educators, and more.  Our youth, seniors, students, new residents, or 5th generation Cheboyganites like me, need to solve the problems that affect all of us.

  •    Housing crisis

  •    Environmental issues

  •    Stresses on working families 

   Let’s work together to find solutions!

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