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Monday, April 12th at 7PM ET - Digital Advocacy 101 

Learn how to influence key decision makers at every level of government through digital tools and strategies from Digital Director, Kathleen Todd. We’ll walk through how we can hold House Republicans accountable for voting against the American Rescue Plan.


Wednesday, April 13th at 7PM - Introduction to VAN

Join the MDP Data Team and learn more about what VAN is, how the democratic data ecosystem works, and how you can leverage data for successful campaigns.


Thursday, April 15th at 7PM ET - Using ActBlue

ActBlue is used to raise money in all facets of Democratic political action. Join Fundraising Director, Emily Linden; Compliance Director, Dorothy Johnson; and Digital Organizing Director, Hannah King to make sure you know all about this tool and are able to use it to maximize your club’s fundraising efforts.


 Monday, April 19th at 7PM ET - Candidate recruitment and Bench-building

Do Republicans in your county win races simply because they’re unopposed? It’s time we put an end to that and make sure a Democrat is on the ballot in every race across the state. Join Project 83 Director, Jeff Winston, and learn how to find prospects and recruit candidates in your area.


Wednesday, April 21st at 6PM ET - The Basics of Fundraising 

Build an effective strategy to achieve your fundraising goals and get your campaign or organization the resources it needs to be successful.  Learn about different fundraising tools, creating a finance plan, growing your donor list, and more.


Wednesday, April 21st at 7PM - Voter Data and List Building in VAN

Join the MDP Data Team and learn more about voter targeting and list creation in VAN. We’ll talk about different types of voter data and how to think about targeting for various types of groups, campaigns, and initiatives.

Thursday, April 22nd at 7PM ET - Getting Started as a Local Treasurer 

Treasurers keep local parties running! Political committees are subject to numerous complex and often overlapping state and federal ethics laws, financial restrictions and reporting requirements. Join Compliance Director, Dorothy Johnson, to get the basics.


Monday, April 26th at 7PM ET - Current Threats to Voter Access 

Our MDP Voter Protection Team works to ensure that every voter is able to cast a ballot that counts. Join VP Director, Erica Peresman, and Deputy Director, Dorian Tyus, to learn about proposed Michigan laws that would threaten ballot access and fair election administration, and how you can help oppose them.


Tuesday, April 27th at 6PM ET - Running for Local Office 101

Thinking about putting your name on the ballot? This training is for you! Change starts at the local level, and we need motivated democrats to step up and run. Join Director of Party Affairs, Hayley Alderman, and explore the basics of setting up your campaign, a checklist for getting started, and party resources at your disposal as a local candidate.


Tuesday, April 27th at 7PM - Voter Outreach in VAN

Join the MDP Data Team and learn more about creating phone banks and cutting canvassing turf for successful field campaigns.


Wednesday, April 28th at 6PM ET - Party 101

Join Director of Party Affairs, Hayley Alderman, to learn the basics of the party structure, local units, and state conventions.


Wednesday, April 28th at 7PM ET - Robert's Rules and Parliamentary Procedure

Parliamentary procedure is a set of rules for conducting orderly meetings that accomplish goals fairly. Join Director of Party Affairs, Hayley Alderman, to learn the basics and make sure your next meeting is as smooth as butter!


Thursday, April 29th at 7PM ET - Effective Rural Messaging Featuring Rust Belt Rising

The Michigan Democratic Party is partnering with Rust Belt Rising to bring you a training covering effective rural messaging

Learn key principles to improve our persuasion of rural voters. Drawing on promising examples, Paul Kendrick of Rust Belt Rising will discuss strategies for making our outreach more resonate with rural voters so that we can win everywhere.

Rust Belt Rising works with Michigan Democratic candidates and activists among its network of more than four hundred leaders in six Midwest states. Rising helps Democrats be the party of working people by training campaigns to better connect with our region's voters, win seats, and deliver change.


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